Redefining the traditional twister and taking it to the next level, the versatile ISO Beauty Gold Collection 5pc twister set is the ultimate solution to those who want styling freedom and flexibility. This multi-barrel twister set is specially designed with 5 distinctive curling barrel sizes that are perfect for all hair types. With the easily interchangeable barrels, create a multitude of curly and wavy styles with just one simple click of the quick release handle! The innovative clip-less design delivers perfect, more natural looking curls and waves that are free of kinks, ridges, and crimped ends. By focusing longer heat at the roots and not the tips, harm caused by traditional curling wands is history.

Note: For your safety, always turn off and unplug curling wand before exchanging the barrels. Be sure to allow the barrel to cool completely before handling.



  • 1x 32MM Barrel
  • 1x 32-25MM Barrel
  • 1x 25MM Barrel
  • 1x 25-18MM Barrel
  • 1x 19MM Barrel
  • 1x Base
  • 1x Heat Protective Glove
  • Safety Instructions with Warranty Info card
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