Kamisori Student Kit 5.5" Shears Hair Cut

Our special Student Kit for beginner hairdressers looking to learn and inspire!  

Size: 5.5" only (as we recommend this size to students).

Our Student Kit includes the following:

Kamisori Offset Student Scissors (Type of Steel: Genuine Japanese 440C forged steel) 
Kamisori Offset Student Thinners
Kamisori Razor (H1)
Kamisori Double Shears Deluxe Storage Case
Leather chamois, oil, warranty card, care guide


FAQ: Alot of our customers ask us what is the difference between our professional shears and our student shears and the answer is simple: Our student shears are made from steel that we estimate will last approx. 3-5 years where as our professional line shears are made from higher grade steel that should last 15-25 years.  Additionally our professional line is designed for advanced cutting and a degree of higher sharpness. 

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